How to Press Tofu

Never make tofu that turns out too soft again! Learn the best way to prep firm (even crispy!) tofu that won't get mushy.

This tutorial works best with firm or extra-firm (aka super firm) tofu.  First, remove the tofu from the carton and drain the liquid.

Next, wrap the tofu in paper towel or a clean dish cloth. Then put the wrapped tofu on a plate or cutting board.

Now, you need a weight. Use a cast-iron skillet or a heavy book. Place it on top of the tofu for 30-60 minutes.

The goal is to press out as much of the liquid in the tofu as possible. 

Then, unwrap the tofu. Now you're ready to use it however you like!  Pressed tofu works well for Crispy Breaded Tofu, Baked Tofu, and more.

Find the full tutorial with more tips and tricks for pressing tofu (plus lots of tofu recipes!) on the Grateful Grazer blog.